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Exploring the Way with Our Neighbours

At the very heart of Forward Together in Hope is the invitation to every Catholic in the diocese to think again about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Last year our worshipping communities consulted about, and then completed, a detailed Parish Questionnaire - providing the opportunity to look carefully at themselves and think about how best the community might flourish into the future. All parishes have recently received observations on their questionnaire response along with a range of other resources. These include summaries of the surveys undertaken with young people, clergy and individuals which make for interesting and challenging reading. A document called 'Some Food for Thought' offers a selection of interesting ideas and practical activities from parishes around the diocese.

'Exploring the Way with Our Neighbours' sets out the next steps of our journey towards establishing extended partnerships and a document entitled 'From Parish to Partnership' provides details of what these partnerships could look like. The work of developing partnerships is an invitation for us all to use our imagination. If we start from the premise that the only boundary in our diocese that cannot be moved is our Diocesan Boundary – the North Sea, the Pennines and the two rivers, the Tweed and the Tees – how can we arrange ourselves in future with fewer priests and fewer people? Please have a look at the documents and consider what part you can play in the next stage of our Forward Together in Hope journey.

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Our Journey so Far...

Are you interested to know how far we have come? If so, read about our 'Our Journey so Far' by taking a look at our latest leaflet.

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The work of Forward Together in Hope is fully funded by grants from external organisations; we are very grateful for their generous support.