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'I sincerely hope that every parish will take seriously the need to pray for our future work. Everything we do must be underpinned by prayer. If we put prayer at the centre of it all, I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit will guide us'

Bishop Séamus


Between Pentecost and Advent every community worked through a substantial Parish Questionnaire and now the Forward Together in Hope team is looking very carefully at everything you have provided. This includes 150 responses to the Parish Questionnaire, 1720 Individual Questionnaires and over 5000 replies to the Young Person’s Survey. Clearly it will take time to prepare detailed responses for every community and we hope that all our observations will be with you in June.

Between June and 27 November (the First Sunday of Advent), every community will be invited to look at what has been provided. The observations will help you look again at how you have responded to the invitation to be involved in the Journey of Renewal. The fundamental purpose of Forward Together in Hope is to explore how we can all be part of viable and flourishing communities in the future.

At the same time we all need to look ahead as the number of priests gradually declines. There will be fewer parishes with resident priests, so it will be important for communities to look at their future in conjunction with those nearest them. Members of the Forward Together in Hope team will join you to look to the future and explore what partnerships could develop as we move forward.

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